Holiday Property in Hayscastle

Customer Reviews of Hayscastle Farmhouse

Lears , Andrews and Cross

Another brilliant year in the farmhouse, the kids have loved all the space to run around in and we all enjoyed the garden (and the escaping cow!) lots of beach visits and very wet and sandy kids-brilliant! Thanks again we will see you next year

Poles and Elliott family

a wonderful week spent as a big family.Saying goodbye to one member and greeting a new one.The children and adults love Marloes beach and the hills, We had a glorious week of weather as well . A lovely family table around which we shared food, chat and laughter and more than one games evening.Thank you for letting us stay , we found the entrance to the secret room but couldnt get in, We enjoyed the garden and surrounding countryside, The garden was lovely to play in and the beds were very comfortable to sleep in.I throughly enjoyed the week

Parry and Broad families

A wonderful peaceful "sunny" holiday and a perfect family Easter.Good food, wonderful company and a lovely holiday home

I'Anson, Brittain & Swindon Families

A great New Year's holiday, lovely spacious house for a big family stay.

Rees & Watts

Great big house, lots of space for the children, loads to do. Fell in love with the kittens, ducks and farm animals.

Radcliff & Edwards Families, USA

Going away with wonderful memories of the flowers, the air, the lanes, the sea..... A beautiful holiday. The Welsh countryside is the most beautiful in the world.